Материалы 17-й Всероссийской открытой конференции «Современные проблемы дистанционного зондирования Земли из космоса», Москва, ИКИ РАН, 2019 год


Thematic spectral measurements data in remote sensing monitoring over test site Novi Iskar

Borisova D. (1), Hristova V. (1), Dimitrov V. (1), Goranova M. (1)
(1) Space Research and Technology Institute, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia, Bulgaria
The authors aim to present the collecting of in-situ spectral data for filling in a thematic database of Earth observation as a part of joint project. In-situ spectrometric measurements were made for acquiring spectral data of the rock samples during and after a field campaign in the selected test site. The selected test points are around the town of Novi Iskar where space test site “Novi Iskar” is established. The related land covers in the studied area will also be taken into account in the analysis of satellite images of the region. These in-situ measurements are part of an integrated system for remote sensing and ground-based observations and in line with Copernicus In-Situ Component. In-situ spectrometric measurements have potential for long-term practical application to verify data, which increases their accuracy. Filling in the thematic database for monitoring over test site with the collecting spectral and ancillary data leads to an optimal correlation between the different methods of studying the different types of land covers, increases the effectiveness of scientific investigations in the field of Earth remote sensing, creates synergy between different scientific fields and helps to share information between researchers from different areas of scientific and practical interest.
Acknowledgment. This study was supported by the Bulgarian National Science Fund under contract KP-06-M27/2.

Ключевые слова: Earth and planets remote sensing, Earth observations, laboratory and terrain spectrometric measurements, thematic spectral data

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